Thomson Cruises Review ~ Food / Pool / Entertainment / Cabins

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Thomson Cruises Review ~ Food / Pool / Entertainment / Cabins….

It is very rare in 2012 you can find a holiday where the staff genuinely seem thrilled to serve you, let alone remember your name within hours of arrival. On Thomson Celebration they are masters of customer service and making you feel totally at home.

The Red Sea Celebration Cruise has many things to celebrate. This ship is easy for anyone to navigate, the entertainment is extraordinary, the Captain couldn’t be more friendly, the food is hot, good quality and well presented (and available 24 hours a day if you need it) and most importantly the hospitality and customer service is second to none!


I enjoyed a 7 day cruise around the Red Sea in March 2012. The flights with Thomson were on time, the transit to the ship was impeccable and the weather was perfect!

I have to highly recommend the Junior Suites on board, they’re a perfect size to occupy up to 4 people. They’re well worth the upgrade.

I originally booked a ‘Deluxe Twin’. To be honest there was absolutely nothing ‘deluxe’ about it. It was very basic and the bed was too small for a man of my ample proportions. The Junior Suite however is in another league and the definition of comfort.


Next you will leave port and begin 7 days of 24 hour eating, drinking and partying! (Why anyone needs to eat a curry at 3am is beyond me but hey ho, each to their own!)

The staff on board couldn’t be more helpful and they are there to guarantee that you have a fabulous time.

This cruise caters for all tastes, if you’re looking for quiet jazz  it’s available in Horizons, if you want a pub quiz you can find that in Liberties. From afternoon tea to a burger by the pool….they’ve got it covered!

My Red Sea cruise was packed with over 1000 passengers, most over 50, however, there were many younger couples as well. It certainly did not feel like a pensioners outing.

The Celebration has 9 floors and it has to be said that the infirm may struggle getting between decks outside. The stairs are VERY steep! However, inside there are 4 lifts allowing full access for all.


The Thomson Celebration’s greatest asset is without question the staff. I have rarely experienced service this good! They cannot do enough to help and serve.

The ship’s greatest ambassador is Captain John Westgarth-Pratt. He has a massive personality, loves to meet his guests and is often seen chatting around the decks.

If you get the chance to dine at the Captain’s table, you won’t be disappointed. A huge thrill.

Alex caught up with Captain John on the Bridge to talk about life on the Seas;

Alex was allowed Exclusive access on the Bridge with Captain John….


A restaurant you must visit on-board is Mistral’s. It’s relaxed but classy and the best food on-board. There is a reasonable additional cost to dine at this restaurant, however, it is well worth it!

Here’s what I loved;


The evening entertainment is truly incredible for a cruise liner of this size. The standard of talent on-board Celebration far exceeded my expectations.

They team always give 100% and truly seem to love performing twice nightly. Productions include ‘Africa’, ‘The Magic of the Musicals’ and ‘Coast to Coast’.

You also get to see top UK comedians flown in for one off shows. During my trip we had the privilege of experiencing the formidable Brenda Collins. She is not only hysterical but has fabulous warmth and is a one-off in every sense. A truly incredible performer! Check her out at

Show times in the Broadway Theatre are at 8.45pm and 10.30pm.

Alex went to chat with Sab, the Assistant Cruise Director and Bram Lorenze, the Cruise Director;

The Entertainment crew @ Thomson Celebration…

After the Broadway show visit Liberties. It’s the most relaxed bar onboard offering nightly competitions, karaoke and the most tremendous live group ‘Top Men’.

Top Men are one of the most talented bands I’ve seen in years. They genuinely seem to be able to play every song by every artist. Amazing vocals!


I can highly recommend the ‘Buffet Magnifique’. It’s an 11PM treat which has to be seen for it’s beauty….if not the enormous amount of calories. You look from 11pm and eat from 11.30pm!

This truly is an opportunity for the Chefs onboard to show off their culanery talents.

Here’s a few of the delights;


One of my favourite bars onbaord the Celebration is Horizons on deck 9.

It has glorious views, great service, Live music and a tremendous atmosphere.


The only drawback to the 7 day Red Sea Celebration Cruise is the eyesore of the industrial ports. They really are hideous. I would advise you to either go ashore on one of the many Thomson day trips available onboard to see the Pyramids etc. You are docked for almost 4 full days during this cruise.

This of course is no reflection on the ship, it’s staff or the entertainment and food aboard.


So, if you’re looking for a great value holiday enabling you to see the world, enjoy great entertainment and enjot the most incredible service, the Thomson Celebration is definiately for you!

Review 8/3/2012