Jubilee Review At Bally’s Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Jubilee Review At Bally’s Las Vegas….

Jubilee Las Vegas is one of the most legendary shows on the Strip.

Donn Arden opened in the 1980’s and is now the longest running show in Sin City. It celebrates the fabulous tradition of the Las Vegas Showgirl in this huge production.

The show features various scenes including a Titanic scene, Broadway section and various acrobatic acts.

Jubilee at bally's las vegas 2 Jubilee at bally's las vegas 3 Jubilee at bally's las vegas

Alex went to meet dancer Brooke in the show:

Alex & the showgirls @ Bally’s Las Vegas….

Alex Belfield Showgirls Las Vegas

Enjoy Jubilee at Bally’s Las Vegas Sat-Thurs at 7pm & 10.30pm.

Bally’s Las Vegas is one of the only places left in the world to see real performing showgirls. An entertainment legend in itself, Jubilee has outlasted every showgirl production—and every Las Vegas show in history—since its 1981 debut.

Jubilee maintains the glitz and glamour of a classic Vegas revue complete with topless performers flocked in feathers and rhinestones. It’s truly a Sin City showgirl institution.

While retaining its historical character, Jubilee has undergone an extensive transformation. At the helm of the modernization is illustrious choreographer, Frank Gatson Jr. As director and choreographer, Gatson took the beloved elements of Jubilee and refreshed the production, adding in new choreography, a story narrative and an empowering message.

The revamped spectacle maintains the integrity of the original version, but adds a culturally contemporary twist.

Recorded 2012 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.