Fat Bar And Burger Review ~ Las Vegas Boulevard

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Fat Bar And Burger REview ~ Las Vegas Boulevard…..

Fat Bar & Fat Burger in Las Vegas is one of the most fun burger joints in the City!

Located on the Las Vegas Boulevard opposite Monte Carlo Casino, you can enjoy the food and watch the world go by (always fascinating in Vegas!).

As burger bars go, this is more high end than the high street chains. The fries are thick cut, the salads are freshly made and the burgers are 100% beef and totally delicious!


I highly recommend a side of onion rings. Crispy, juicy and made in house.

Can you take the challenge of the XXX Burger? I’d sincerely love to hear from you if you can eat a whole XXX Burger!


If you defeat this mammoth mountain of a burger, you get a signed certificate to hang on your wall…..

Fat Burger & Bar is fun, perfectly located, enjoyable and has great fast food delivered by very friendly and helpful servers.

It’s very rare you get to sit outside and eat in Las Vegas, so, take advantage of one of the few outdoor Strip restaurants and bars in the City!

Make sure you try the Far Burger Milkshake – it’s to die for…

Fat Bar is open 24 hours and is a true party at the weekends.

Have a beverage at the bar and get a burger delivered to sober up! What could be better in Sin City?

Fat Bar And Burger Las Vegas Boulevard Review

Review – Jan 2013