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Barry Elliott (born 24 December 1944) and Paul Elliott (born 18 October 1947), better known as the Chuckle Brothers, are English comedians.

They are best known for their work on their BBC show ChuckleVision, which celebrated its 21st series in 2010 with a stage tour titled An Audience with the Chuckle Brothers, which started in January and ended in May.

The comedy of the Chuckle Brothers usually derives from slapstick and other visual gags, and their catchphrases include “To me, to you” and “Oh dear, oh dear”.

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To me….to you! Belfield had the chance to chat to Barry from the Chuckle Brothers!

From 1996 to 1998 the Chuckle Brothers also presented a children’s game show titled To Me, To You!, named after their signature catchphrase.

The format, which incorporated a “treasure island” theme, involved two teams who participated in rounds competing for prizes on a shopping trolley (which was made to resemble a bamboo structure).

By rolling a die, the teams had to draw the trolley to their end of the playing board; the “squares” on the path to both ends represented challenges. When this was achieved, new prizes were added to the trolley, which was reset to the middle of the board.

The show ran for three series before the brothers took a break from entertainment, citing “exhaustion” as the main reason.

In May 2008, the brothers appeared in the BBC documentary series Comedy Map of Britain. They appeared in the TV series Celebrity Coach Trip in November 2010 and won the show, lasting the whole trip.

In November 2011, they starred in a series of TV advertisements for the UK-based van insurance comparison website, Van Compare.

In October 2012, they appeared on Comedy World Cup on Channel 4. On 15 March 2013, they were featured in David Walliams’ sketch for Comic Relief, in which Walliams knocked on the brothers’ door with important information to give to them; Paul responded with “To me?”

In the 2013 Christmas special of Still Open All Hours, Barry appeared as the dog owner Mr Marshall.

Recorded 1999 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.